12.03.2008 - release of Kabeja 0.4 (download)

  • added Spline and MLine support
  • Support for switch between paperspace and modelspace view
  • New central processing GUI
  • Added JS-Scripting and ScriptShell
  • Enhanced SVGViewer (integrated tools from dxf2calc project, Thanks to Lars B. Jensen)
  • Move SVG generation out from core
  • Add base maven pom file (Thanks to M. Rohrmoser from JCurl project)
  • Separate .NET based Inkscape extension (run out-of-box on Windows and Linux with Mono) Download
  • and at least bugfixes

14.12.2007 - switched from CVS to SVN (look at the end of this page)

07.12.2006 - release of Kabeja 0.3

  • Hatch support
  • update of the Batik libraries
  • new:LayerFilter, BoundsFilter
  • Inkscape DXF2SVG Extension
  • and at last:bugfixes and site update

01.12.2006 - release of dxf2calc-0.4, a project which uses kabeja to import geometry data into OpenOffice Calc 2.0

26.06.2006 - release of dxf2calc, a project which uses kabeja to import geometry data into OpenOffice Calc 2.0

17.06.2006 -new release available Kabeja-0.2

24.05.06 - new site and the latest CVS-snapshoot with many fixes. Many thanks to Oriol Espaņol, who provided patchtes for the text layout.

31.12.05 - Kabeja is hosted now at sourceforge.net (complete new version only in CVS) . With this version the license has changed to Apache Software License 2.0 (ASL 2.0).

26.09.05 - new version available (fixes text handling,added font-support,added IMAGE, gzip outputfile)

22.07.05 - new version available (fixes broken cocoon-block, updated dxf/svgviewer)

24.06.05 - new version available (only bugfixes)

27.05.05 - new version available (many bugfixes on the DXFDocument, parsing HATCH, but no svg-output)

15.04.05 - new version available (internal changes, added Iterators layers, entities and blocks).

Date: 12.03.08