DXF Importfilter

You can use Kabeja as importfilter for the vector drawing program Inkscape. The Kabeja importfilter will coexist with an existing dxf2svg importfilter.

The Kabeja extension will be accessable as "Kabeja-AutoCAD DXF (*.dxf)" import type selection in the "File-> Open" dialog.

System requirements

For the Java based extension (the default):

For a native extension:

For a .NET extension:

  • .NET (Microsoft/Mono) Runtime Environment and IKVM

Installation Java extension (the default)

Copy the content of the "dist/inkscape-extension" into "Extensions" folder of Inkscape (e.g. for Unix "$HOME/.inkscape/extensions" and Windows "C:\Program Files\Inkscape\extensions").

Installation .NET extension

The .NET extension is available as separate package. The package contains all necessary libraries to run out-of-box on Mono and Windows .NET.

Installation native extension

The extension will be installed in the extensions folder of Inkscape (e.g. for Linux "$HOME/.inkscape/extensions").

  • Download the Kabeja source-distribution
  • Unpack and change into the directory
  • Copy "blocks.properties" file to "local.blocks.properties" and change the line "inkscape.importfilter.type=java" to "inkscape.importfilter.type=native" there.
  • Build and install by:
    ant block -Dblock.name=inkscape -Dblock.target=install
Date: 12.03.08